Make plans to #tunein to @thedestinyoftimes #Podcast for #Season 2, #Episode 14 this Friday, April 7th at 4pm, as cohost LN Michaels and other DOT Creative Team members join Jan Jordynn for Part 1 of a special, three-part series entitled “What Dreams are Made of.”
Part 1 will feature a history on the origin of dreams, look at the different types, delve into some of the themes humans have dreamt about over time and look at individuals, like Jan, who had a dream and were inspired to create a story on a literary or entertainment platform.
Part 2 will feature professional Dream Interpreters and Analysts and air Friday, April 21st at 4pm.
Part 3 will feature dreams stories from you, our listeners, and air Friday, May 5th at 4pm #seeyouaroundthegalaxy #dreams #luciddreams #reoccuringdreams #dreaming

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