Be sure to tune in to The Destiny of Times Podcast and make plans to join us for Season 2, Episode 13, airing this Friday, March 10th at 4pm EST. Author and host Jan Jordynn welcomes DOT Creative Team members LN Michaels, Keith Benson, Vashti M and G Money to take a look at characters we brought to life from my new sci-fi story series, The Destiny of Times, A Trilogy, Book 1. I’ll talk about the experience of voicing character, Doctor Jordynn Daniels, along with several other characters, share a few of my favorite memories from the show and feature readings from the team voicing a passage by their favorite character from the book. #seeyouaroundthegalaxy

Jan Jordynn is the host of The Destiny of Times Podcast and author of The Destiny of Times, a Trilogy, Book 1.

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