Dr. Jordynn Daniels

Jordynn Daniels always dreamed of becoming an Astronaut and exploring space. After graduating from Stanford in 1991 with a Dual Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and Astrophysics, Dr. Jordynn Daniels was awarded a double grant to develop her projects with Earth Space Science Cooperative (ESSC) at the Ames Desert Research Center. The Doctor started development with the first of two projects: the Matter Energy Converter (MEC), which compressed matter into an energy stream, sent it from point A to point B, then reanimated it back into the original matter. This device alone would revolutionize transportation on and off the planet, making it possible to travel great distances in seconds instead of hours or days. And it would also pave the way for the development of her second project, the Global Earth Orbiter (GEO), which would contain a gravity-oxygen environment, orbit Earth and house the facilities needed to build and launch space vessels without having to attach them to a rocket and blast through the Earth’s atmosphere.