Colonel Phil Nichols


A career SF officer, Colonel Nichols is in commanded of all Space Fleet Missions. The colonel had earned his way up the command chain from Captain of a ship to Colonel of SF Mission Command and knew every nuance of being a leader on board a space vessel. When he found out the U.S.S. Destiny was commissioned for a first contact mission to Mytharius, on the other side of the universe, and required a quantum-ion propulsion (QIP) engine, Colonel Nichols doubted it could happen. But the specs and diagrams confirmed, first hand, the drive would not only work with the WAGS (Wormhole Aperture Guidance System) the Mythariuns sent, it would propel them through a wormhole connector in just 90 days instead of through space in cryo-stasis for 9,000 years. Colonel Nichols green-lighted the mission right away, and knew it would pave the way for advancements in Space Exploration and Interspecies Contact that would launch them into the next century and beyond.