Be sure to #tunein to @thedestinyoftimes #Podcast for #Season 2, #Episode 12 when #host @janjordynn and #cohost Vashti M pay #tribute to #love and #share their top #romantic couples pics from Sci-fi movies, tv series and books. They will also open the pages of Jan’s first novel, The Destiny of Times, A Trilogy Book 1 and feature conversations with several of the ESS Destiny crew members who are married or dating. This episode dedicated to love and romance will air Friday, February 24th at 4pm. #seeyouaroundthegalaxy–dahling–Preview-Jan-Jordynn-e1v8vqr

Jan Jordynn, author and host of The Destiny of Times Podcast features an episode about romance and love in science fiction on Friday, February 24th at 4pm

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