As a person who experienced a series of #life-changing, #reoccurring dreams, I’ve always wanted to know what they mean. So, the last 32 years have been spent #searching for #answers, #meaning and all the whys: Why me? Why these stories? Why this specific set of information? It was inspiring, to say the least and gave me enough material for a seven-book, sci-fi story series, a podcast, lyrics and music for an original song and recording the accompanying audiobooks. So I decided to produce a three-series about dreams on The Destiny of Times Podcast and ask questions: Why do we dream? Is dreaming good for us? What do my dreams mean? What do I do with the information I received? Episode 14 and Part 2 of our series, What Dreams are Made of, featured renowned Dream Interpretation Expert Michael Sheridan, who shared his dream interpretation journey and answered some of those questions about dreams. And he has graciously offered to gift one lucky DOT Podcast listener with a Dream Interpretation Session (valued around $500). When you sign up using the link below, you will also receive a free download of Michael’s book “How to Interpret your Dreams,” and his bulletin, filled with tips on how to understand the messages in your dreams. The winner of the Dream Interpretation Session with Michael Sheridan of Aisling Dream Interpretation will be announced on The Destiny of Times Podcast during Part 3 of our series, What Dreams are Made, which will air on Friday, May 5th at 4pm. #seeyouaroundthegalaxy @aislingschools @thedestinyoftimes

After waking up from a dream experience thirty two years ago, Jan Jordynn’s life changed forever. Compelled to chronicle what she experienced, Jan spent the next three decades writing down everything she could remember.

Jan grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, discovering her love of music and writing at an early age, scripting songs, dramatic and comedic stories with her sister about life as a first-generation American. Jan lived in Northern California before moving to Southern California where she enjoyed careers in the Food & Beverage and Travel Industries.

After welcoming her son, Jan took a temporary job transfer to Las Vegas, Nevada and ended up calling the desert her home for over thirty years. Jan earned a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and Journalism from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, obtaining her first paid position as a Staff Writer and Section Editor for the Student Newspaper and College of Music PR Department. After careers in the Special Event and Natural Stone industries,

Jan achieved her dream of business ownership, providing custom funding Business Plans, Special Event, Private Catering and Executive Pet Care services to clients over the past fifteen years.

Jan is the producer, director, writer and host of The Destiny of Times (DOT) Podcast and is the President and Owner of The Destiny of Times LLC, established in March of 2021.

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