Crew of

The Destiny of Times


Dr. Jordynn Daniels

Jordynn Daniels always dreamed of becoming an Astronaut and exploring space. After graduating from Stanford in 1991 with a Dual Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and Astrophysics, Dr. Jordynn Daniels was offered a double grant from Ames Research to develop two of her projects. The doctor was given a secure, private lab somewhere in the Nevada desert where her work and results caught the attention of the Earth Space Science Cooperative (ESSC). They formed a partnership with Ames Research, committing major funding to the development of the Doctor’s first two projects: the Matter Energy Converter (MEC), which would compress matter into an energy stream, send it from point A to point B, and reanimate the energy back into the original matter. This device alone would revolutionize transportation on and off the planet, making it possible to travel great distances in seconds instead of hours or days. This would pave the way for the development of Dr. Daniels’ second project, a full gravity environment on the Global Earth Orbiter (GEO), which would orbit Earth and house the facilities needed to build and launch space vessels without having to launch them on rockets through Earth’s atmosphere.

Captain Sven Howard

Commander ESS Destiny

Sven Howard wanted to be a SF Captain from the
time he was two years old, and by age five, was
building and launching drones, missiles and jets.
By the time Sven was a teenager, he was secretly
flying in small jets with an instructor after school.
Sven graduated from high school 2 years early,
and was the youngest enrollee ever accepted
into the Space Fleet U (SF-U) Space Flight Program.
His goal to command his own space vessel were
well underway, as was the aspiration to be the youngest
and fastest to make Captain in SF History. Over 1,000
officers threw their hat in the ring for the center seat
of the Destiny, but Space Fleet Command (SFC)
Colonel Philip Nichols wanted him, and only him,
and Sven accepted. Captain Howard was in the ship
yard every day during construction of the Destiny,
and knew everything about her, from stem to stern,
and the placement of every rivet, quantum matrix,
ion coil and matter energy conversion computer chip.
He worked with Destiny Chief Engineer Greta Gerig-Martin
to adapt every known engineering method to make their
quantum ion propulsion (QIP) system safe and every
known propulsion formula to make her faster than
any other ship in space.

Commander Steve Lebit

First/Science Officer ESS Destiny

From the time he could count how many steps to the Jewish deli in Brooklyn Heights, Steve had a gift for numbers. He was recruited by MIT and Harvard to model mathematical formula parameters and program models in 7th grade, graduating high school at age 14. He finished college at age 18, graduating with a quadruple masters in mathematics, physics, astrobiology and quantum theory. By age 21, Steve was married to the top Medical Diagnostic Expert in the world and owned the largest statistical probability and quantum theory modeling firm on the planet. When his wife accepted a position as Chief Medical officer on the state of the art space exploration vessel U.S.S. Destiny, Steve tossed his hat in the ring for the dual position and was immediately offered the position.

Commander Janice Boyd

Doctor/Chief Medical Officer Ess Destiny

Janice went to work with her father everyday and when she graduated from school, enrolled in Space Fleet Medical (SFM) and became the best medical diagnostician on the planet. Her skills, remedies and recovery rates were staggering until she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease which caused cancerous growths all over her organs. She took a sabbatical to do research and find a cure. When nothing seemed to work, Dr. Boyd received a potion from an anonymous, mysterious healer, which cured her overnight. Dr. Boyd rejoined SF and accepted a position on the U.S.S. Destiny to continue her research to study the potion she was given, the disease she had been cured of and others in order to find a permanent cure for all.

Commander Giselle Gerig-Vassallo

Chief of Security Ess Destiny

Giselle and her sisters grew up in war-torn Germany, but escaped to the America’s and pursued their dreams of a career in SF. Giselle was a natural athlete and mastered multiple martial art disciples by age 14. When she out performed adult competitors in the Planetary Games and won Platinum in all 10 categories, Giselle knew she had found her passion, and enlisted in SF-U. She used her natural ability to help innovate new security enhancements for space faring vessels and fell in love and married navigator Nick Vassallo. After serving as a Special Forces Security Instructor for 10 years so she could be on earth to raise her girls, Giselle and her husband felt it was time to answer the call to space home and explore the galaxy together as a family.

Commander Greta Gerig-Martin

Chief Engineer ESS Destiny

The eldest of three girls, Greta looked after her two younger sisters and helped them survive a brutal war quite literally fought in their backyard. One icy night, she bundled up her siblings, guided them through the forest, where they found refuge underneath a remote cabin. Just when they were about to continue their journey, the sound of angry soldiers shouting filled the air. The girls lay still, as flash lights shown above their heads. Once the soldiers left, the girls continued their journey across the border into West Germany, where Greta met Kaiser Martin, married and had three beautiful boys. Commander G-Martin has served as an Engineering instructor at SF- U for the past 10 years, and holds advanced degrees in Propulsion Systems and Quantum Propulsion Mechanics. This will be her final voyage before retirement.

Lt. Commander Gittel Gerig-DiSerano

Chief Propulsion Officer Uss Destny

Although she was the youngest of three sisters who grew up in war-torn Germany, Gittel escaped with her sisters, who looked out for one another until each sister was married and had a family of their own. They kept the home as a retreat for the entire family to enjoy. Gittel graduated Sums Cum Laude from SF-U, excelling in Propulsion Mechanics, making three improvements to engine efficiency and performance in her first year in the program. By the time she graduated, every space faring engineer and propulsion officer sought out Gitt’s analysis to help improve their engines. Once she had a family, Gittel and her Space Historian husband settled in a beach town so the girls could have fresh air and water to play in every day. Since the girls could come with them, she and her husband both decided to accept the assignment.

Lt. Cynthia Dixon

Chief Tactical Officer ESS Destiny

Cynthia grew up in the Midwest in a family of SF professionals. So naturally, she enrolled in SF-U, and although she started out in Communications and dabbled in navigation, she found Tactical was her true calling. Her planning and aim were razor sharp, earning her top marks in her qualifying exam. Her performance on the U.S.S. San Francisco during the Earthquake and subsequent rebuilding of SF headquarters, along with being friends with the captain, earned her a commission on the U.S.S. Destiny.

Lt. Commander Nick Vassallo

Chief Navigator/Pilot ESS Destiny

Although Nick and his family lived in Italy for generations, one of his uncles persuaded the unit to move to Russia, where they were giving free farmland away. After two generations of hard work and little reward, Nick left for the Americas, where he enrolled in night school to learn English and applied to SF-U. There he met the beautiful Giselle Gerig,  fell in love and got married. After spending time at SF Command and various deep space vessels, the Destiny was Nick and Giselle’s first assignment onboard the same ship together.

Lt. Akari Hogan Keyes

Chief Communications Officer eSS Destiny

Growing up, Akari always knew she would qualify for the Command Track and graduate as an Officer from Space Fleet U, Earning the rank of Ensign and a post on the Global Earth Orbiter right after graduation,  Akari’s quick wit and organizational skills got her promoted to Lieutenant within six months. Her mother, a Japanese physician and her father, a Australian bio-chemist, supported her quest for knowledge and her decision to join the crew of the U.S.S. Destiny when the position of  Chief of Communications Officer opened up. After submitting and qualifying for the position, Akari received the word she had been selected to join the crew on the Mythariun Mission.

Lt. Paula Bloom

Chief MECOn Officer ESS Destiny

Although Paula was a well known stage actor, she abruptly retired in her prime, applied for and passed the SFU entrance exam and graduated at the top of her class in Matter Energy Conversion Mechanics. She found her acting abilities were invaluable to handle the variety of officers and civilians coming through the brand new Matter Energy Converter (MECON) platform. Now being installed on all space stations and deep-space vessels. Paula loved she was one of the first officers to hold the position of MECON officer.

Lt. Commander Frank DiSerano

SFC Chief Space Historian

Even growing up on the streets of Philadelphia, Frank knew he would leave the neighborhood and join SF. His love of education and keen intellect to quantify details made him the perfect candidate for the Space Fleet History program, earning advanced degrees in Galactic Civilization History and Galactic Species History. When SFC asked him to join the mission to Mytharius his wife was already on, and the couple was told they could bring their girls, Lt. Commander DiSerano accepted right away. 

Ambassador Helene

SFC First Contact mission Specialist

Even though she was the descendant of first-generation Americans, Helene always felt connected to her European roots. She traveled extensively in Europe at a young age, and, at 16, earned a full scholarship to the Sorbonne, studying Planetary Diplomacy and Alien Species First Contact. Helene was a major force in policy writing, so the Military and other Black Ops organizations could no longer hide the existence of visitors from outside Earth’s zip code. Once by one, Helene was able to understand alien species languages, introduce translation protocols, so computers could be equipped with adaptive software to hear and learn new languages within minutes. When the Mythariun mission was planned, the Ambassador was one of the first calls made to join the team

Colonel Phil Nichols

SFC Space Mission Operations

A career SF officer, Colonel Nichols is in commanded of all  Space Fleet Missions. The colonel had earned his way up the command chain from Captain of a ship to Colonel of SF Mission Command and knew every nuance of being a leader on board a space vessel. When he found out the U.S.S. Destiny was commissioned for a first contact mission to Mytharius, on the other side of the universe, and required a quantum-ion propulsion (QIP) engine, Colonel Nichols doubted it could happen. But the specs and diagrams confirmed, first hand, the drive would not only work with the WAGS (Wormhole Aperture Guidance System) the Mythariuns sent, it would propel them through a wormhole connector in just 90 days instead of through space in cryo-stasis for 9,000 years.  Colonel Nichols green-lighted the mission right away, and knew it would pave the way for advancements in Space Exploration and Interspecies Contact that would launch them into the next century and beyond.


Mythariun Minister of Security & Intelligence

A native daughter of Mytharius II, Boniceangel puts protocols and safety measures in place to protect mission operatives and keep the agent, their family, friends and colleagues safe from negative or harmful outside influences during a mission. Boniceangel has a strong telepathic bond with her Mythariun sisters Jordynnaia and Gaia Vashti, and all work together symbiotically to warn each other and those they are sworn to protect, when danger in a mission is detected. Boniceangel also developed defensive protocols for the WAGS and MCD, which have been instrumental in the successful completion of millions of top secret missions.

Gaia Vashti

Mythariun Minister of Health & Wellness

A native Mythariun III First Daughter, Vashti is the Minister of Health & Wellness, ensuring all operatives using the Mind Communication Devices (MCD) during any mission are emotionally, spiritually and mentally safe by infusing love, light, health and wellness into the MCD matrix. This provides each operative with the solutions necessary to handle any mission better, no matter how negative the worlds they visit to repair damage on are. Gaia Vashti als works with Jordynnaia and Boniceangel to restore incursions that affect the health and wellness of an affected world, population, small group or just one individual.


First Daughter of Mytharius
Mythariun Minister of Restoration Operations

Jordynnaia First Daughter of Mytharius Prime, like Boniceangel and Gaia Vashti, has a deep connection to the Mythariun people and a devotion to helping others. The three women work together on Restoration Missions to assist any planet in the universe found to experience interference from outside their own universe, alternate universe or reality. When Todek Leader of the Mythariun High Council has to make the decision to send his only daughter on a dangerous restoration mission, he has to weigh the fate of the universe and his only daughter’s happiness and safety.


Leader of the High Council of Mytharius prime and ruler of the Mythariun Planetary system in the Zeta Quadrant

Located on the far side of the universe, the Mythariuns are a peaceful race and tasked with watching over it to ensure no outside influence can interfere with the natural progression of a world’s evolution. If any interference is detected, a Restoration Team is sent in to undo the damage and restore the planet to its unaltered state.  The Mythariuns must also stop Zonan, an interuniversal Terrorist from Universe X, who will stop at nothing to possess the WAGS, MEC and MCD technology and use them as a terrible weapon.  When Todek sends his only daughter Jordynnaia on a dangerous restoration mission to Earth of 1996, he knows she must succeed or history will record a much different series of everts, with an extremely bad outcome for millions of innocent people.


Interuniversal Terrorist - Universe X

This terrorist has stolen technology from our universe and used it in his own, only to cause catastrophic destruction. Unable to repair the damage, Zonan began entering other universes in hopes of obtaining technology to repair his universe. When his efforts fail, Zonan tried to occupy other universes with the WAGS and MCD technology he stole from the Mythariuns. Even when Todek and others tried to show compassion or reason with him, Zonan was indifferent. With his world deteriorating further, his bouts of anger and lashing out at others grow more desperate, putting millions of worlds and trillions of lives in jeopardy.