Be sure to tune in to The Destiny of Times Podcast when author and host Jan Jordynn and the DOT Team launch a three-part series “What Dreams are made of.”

The first segment will air Friday, April 7th at 4pm and talk about the origin of dreams, discuss dreams humans have recorded over time, look at their significance or symbology and find out what people did about their experiences.

Our second segment will air Friday, April 21st at 4pm and feature professionals in the Dream interpretation and analysis fields. They will discuss dreams, many variations experienced during sleep and share some how-to’s on interpreting what they might mean. If you have a favorite dream professional you’d like to recommend, please direct message us so we can make contact.

The third segment will feature dreams from you, our listeners. Do you feel like you had a life-changing dream, received a message or felt like you were given information to act upon? If so, please direct message us on social media; @thedestinyoftimes on instagram and facebook; @destinyoftimes on Twitter or email us at by Friday, April 21st so we can contact and set up interviews with you. This episode will air on May 5th in order to include as many of your stories as possible.

You can listen to past, current or future episodes of The Destiny of Times Podcast on Spotify, Apple, Audible, Amazon Music, Google, IHeartRadio, Pandora or your favorite podcast platform. #seeyouaroundthegalaxy

The Destiny of Times Podcast author and host Jan Jordynn will feature a three-part series on dreams

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