The Destiny of Times A Trilogy Book 1


Meet Captain Sven Howard and the crew of the U.S.S.Destiny as they journey on a first contact and cultural exchange mission to Mytharius Prime, where they meet Todek, Leader of the High Council.  The cultural and scientific exchange is underway when Zonan, an interuniversal terrorist attacks the planet without warning, bent on possessing technology that will make Universe X superior to others. The Mythariuns send their visitors to safety through the WAGS. When one ship comes back but not the other, it is a race against time to help Earth Scientist Dr. Jordynn Daniels keep her Matter Energy Converter (MECON) technology safe from Zonan as well as find and rescue the missing crew and stop Zonan, before he steals technology that, if used, could destroy his and other universes in the process.


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This is where your journey of discovery into The Destiny of Times series begins. Here, you will travel with the the crew of the U.S.S. Destiny to Mytharius, where you will meet Todek, Leader of the High Council; Follow the U.S.S. Destiny on their first contact and other missions, where their journeys of exploration will intersect, collide, intertwine and join forces with likely and unlikely allies to stop an unseen enemy from destroying their universe.