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The Destiny of Times

Meet the Crew of the U.S.S. Destiny as they travel to Mytharius, meet the people and learn about their technology. When the Destiny landing party is attacked by Zonan, an interuniversal terrorist bent on possessing its technology and secrets, the Mythariuns and crew of the Destiny work together to keep their crew and Mythariun technology safe, and banish Zonan back to his own universe for good.



The Destiny of Times is a new,  Seven Book Sci-Fi Story Series.


The first three books will be released as a Trilogy. 

The Destiny of Times

This is where your journey of discovery into The Destiny of Times series begins. Here, you will travel with the the crew of the U.S.S. Destiny to Mytharius, where you will meet Todek, Leader of the High Council; Follow the U.S.S. Destiny on their first contact and other missions, where their journeys of exploration will intersect, collide, intertwine and join forces with likely and unlikely allies to stop an unseen enemy from destroying their universe.

The Destiny of Times Digital download will be available on 9/1/21. Check our Shop page for more details.


Chapter 1 debuted live during a Launch event on 12.30.20




The Digital Download, Paperback & Hardback will be available on major print and e-book distributor sites (Apple, Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Blurb and others) soon. Check our website and SM for details.


Watch for an Author signed book option and coupons on our distributor sites to get The Destiny of Times Experience at a preferred price instead of paying retail.


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In Loving Memory

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The Destiny of Times Podcast Season 2 Episode #1 Premiere

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DOT PC Season 2 Episode #1 Premiere – Todek, Mythariun Leader of the High Council

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