DOT PC Top 5 Episodes – #4.2 The 6 Month Podcast Anniversary Celebration

The #countdown to @thedestinyoftimes #podcast #Season 2 #premiere continues with a #reboot of the second episode tied for the fourth place with the most listens. #Join #Host @janjordynn, the DOT Team and #characters from @thedestinyoftimes A Trilogy Book 1 as they look back on the first six months of #podcast #journey #seeyouaroundthegalaxy

Row 1 left: Barbara Dennis, LN Michaels, DOT Cohost; Jan Jordynn, host; Vashti M cohost; Row 2 left: G Money, DOT Team; Keith Benson, DOT Webmaster; Row 3 left: Lieutenant Cynthia Dixon, Chief Tactical officer, USS Destiny; Lieutenant Akari Keyes, Chief Communications Officer, USS Destiny; Row 4 left: Commander Janice Boyd, Doctor and Chief Medical Officer, USS Destiny; Commander Steve Lebit, First and Science Officer, USS Destiny