DOT PC EP#24 Preview Book Upload LN Michaels

Hear an #invitation from DOT #Team LN Michaels to #tunein to @thedestinyoftimes #Podcast Friday November 12 at 4pm EDT when #host @janjordynn #cohost Keith Benson and the DOT Team #celebrate the #upload of @thedestinyoftimes A Trilogy Book 1 on @applebooks @amazonkindle Publishing and look back at the 10 month #journey it took to get here #seeyouarondthegalaxy

DOT Team Member and podcast cohost LN Michaels joins host Jan Jordynn cohost Keith Benson and the DOT Team to celebrate the upload of The Destiny of Times A Trilogy Book 1 to Apple Books & Amazon Kindle Publishing as they look back at Jan’s 10 month self-publishing journey.