DOT Podcast Episode #17

Join @thedestinyoftimes #podcast #host @janjordynn and #cohost LN Michaels as they #welcome #Captain Sven Howard and #Lieutenants Cynthia Dixon and Akari Keyes from Chapters 1-3 of @thedestinyoftimes A Trilogy Book 1. They will also #introduce three new #characters from Chapters 4-7 including #Colonel Phil Nichols, head of Space Fleet Command (SFC) Space Mission Operations, #Commander Giselle Vassallo, Chief of Security and Doctor Jeddah Hansen, Earth Space Science Cooperative (ESSC) Chief Geologist. #seeyouaroundthegalaxy

From Top Left: Jan Jordynn, Author of The Destiny of Times Podcast; LN Michaels, DOT Creative Team/Podcast cohost (TC); Colonel Phil Nichols, Head of SFC Space Mission Operations (TR); Captain Sven Howard, U.S.S. Destiny (LC); Commander Giselle Vassallo, Chief of Security, U.S.S. Destiny (RC); Lieutenant Cynthia Dixon, Chief Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Destiny (BL); Lieutenant Akari Keyes, Chief Communications Officer, U.S.S., Destiny (BC); Doctor Jeddah Hansen, ESSC Chief Geologist (BR)