DOT PC Episode #15

Join @thedestinyoftimes host @janjordynn & cohost LN Michaels as they #celebrate the #arrival of the #USSDESTINY on Mytharius Prime in Chapter 4 and check in on Doctor Jordynn Daniels and her progress with the MEC in Chapter 5. Be sure to #getyourcopy of @thedestinyoftimes A Trilogy Book 1 on our website and follow along with the #book and #podcast. #seeyouaroundthegalaxy

The Destiny of Times Creative Team and USS Destiny, SFC and Mythariuns from the storyline (from top left to right): Captain Sven Howard, Author/Host Jan Jordynn, Cohost LN Michaels, Todek, Leader of the High Council of Mytharius Prime; Ambassador Helene, SFC First Contact Mission Specialist; Commander Steve Lebit, First & Science Officer; Boniceangel, Mythariun Minister of Security & Intelligence, Doctor Janice Boyd, Commander & Chief Medical Officer; Gaia Vashti, Mythariun Minister of Health & Wellness, Doctor Jordynn Daniels, ESSC Scientist and Frank DiSerano, SFC Chief Space Historian